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The Dimension of Music
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The Inner-Mental Reality of Music


Creative Music Hearing






The Inner Mechanics of Creating Music









The Mechanics of the Inner Musical "Rehearsal"


of the Musical Achievement

“Talent works, genius creates.”

Robert Schumann

The entire field of music can be fully comprehended in terms of the inner-mental musical reality: the origin of music and its course of evolution up to its final stage, the objective sphere of music – up to the musical sound space, up to that world in which music sounds. Quotation

The following human faculties involved in the mechanics of creative music hearing require a systematic investigation and training as professional disciplines:

  1. The technology of mastering the mind, of mental concentration, including:

    analysis of the substance of the mind by means
    of the feeling

    analysis of the structure of the mind by means
    of the understanding

    analysis of the function of the mind by means
    of the coordination of feeling and understanding.

  2. The technology of the inner sense of hearing.
    (The outer sense of hearing is not necessary for a creative music hearing as the case of Beethoven shows.)

The following components belong to the inner mechanics of creating music:

It is the self-awareness of the musical creator which commissions a composition from the intellect and which through the sense of hearing again listens to the composition as it is performed by the mind as the instrument.

Primarily, the commissioning of the musical work arises from the very own joy of the self, as an innocent expression of its natural happiness of life; without any effort of will, without any fixed purpose, without any specific motivation, just like a child rejoicing.
Furthermore, the musical work serves to enrich the inherent, natural joy of life of the self. This is achieved by the self, controlling the mechanics of the intellect, the mind, and the sense of hearing rooted within it.

Like a feeler, the sense of hearing palpates the vibrating surface-structure of the mind and thus elicits the resounding event. Through this process of listening, the self-awareness receives the impression of the resounding performance. And from this musical "rehearsal" it experiences an extra, outer joy in addition to its own inherent happiness.

With its main tool, the decision-making faculty of the intellect, the self-awareness carries out those musical corrections which are meant to enhance its joy when listening to the music the next time.