Action and Non-Action as a Musical Unity

Walking the path of musical knowledge for himself gives the listener the personal experience of acting correctly.
For, when he reaches the heights of musical truth from the musical tonal space, and arrives at the absolute musical fields of the harmony, he personally experiences non-action there; because, in the field of the harmony, the listener suddenly realises that music is self-creative – flowing within itself, acting within itself.

And when the listener, from his state of self-awareness, himself eventually becomes very naturally and completely effortlessly creative, he experiences the unity of non-action and action – by remaining, on the one hand, in the field of the harmony, i.e. resting in the state of pure self-knowledge, – on the other hand, however, by creatively treading the path, in his self-created musical world, and having a rejuvenating effect in it.

PETER HÜBNER – Listening to Music
“Action and Non-Action as a          
Musical Unity”                  




Meditative Life
Choir No. 1-5

Soprano Solo, Alto Solo, Baritone Solo, Bass Solo, Choir
Great Archaic Orchestra, Great Philharmonic Orchestra
Great Percussion Orchestra Elektronic Instruments

label: Archaic
total playing time: 5h 47’01”

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